Our Seminars

These intensive sessions are designed to hone in on specific aspects of driving and driver safety, and are ideal for companies seeking to refresh their staff’s knowledge in a time-efficient manner. We’re happy to adapt our existing materials to suit you – just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Types of Seminars

Driver development workshop


These bespoke courses are based on individual risk assessment and are designed to assist companies in limiting an identified risk element within itself.

Speed awareness workshop

The number of speed cameras in the world have trebled in the last six years. This means that drivers are more vulnerable to prosecution for exceeding speed limits than ever before. The speed awareness presentation reminds drivers how to identify speed limits, and gain an understanding of why they are set, as well as giving tips on how to identify likely camera sites in good time on approach.

Managing on-road risk workshop

Managing On-Road Risk (MORR) is fast becoming a buzzword in the driver training industry. The legal notion of “use, cause and permit” means that the driver of a company vehicle might not be the only one culpable in the event of a serious collision, especially where death and/or serious injuries to third parties are involved. The MORR presentation aims to give managers and directors a clear understanding of their responsibilities and liabilities in this area.

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