These two courses are aimed at experienced and new HGV and LGV drivers.

 HGV Driver Awareness

Our HGV driver awareness courses are designed to highlight the potential risks and hazards that your drivers are exposed to, both on and off the road. It introduces and reinforces techniques which, if implemented and practised, will create the safest driving environment for your drivers.

Our session encourage drivers to develop their ‘best practice’ skills with discussion, example and practical training, and can be delivered at any suitable location.

What’s covered:

  • Presentation/discussion
  • Eyesight check (as per rule 81, Highway Code)
  • Vehicle check (fuel, oil, water, electrics, rubber and safety)
  • Cabin check (seat belts, first aid, fire extinguishers)
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Practical driving session
  • Manoeuvring/tachographs (if required)
  • Course review and feedback

What you can expect:

  • Discussion to understand driver’s experience, attitude and expectations. Introduction to core skills: attention/concentration, observation, hazards awareness and risk perception
  • Initial assessment drive, followed by a coaching session to develop core skills with the addition of vehicle positioning, safe space and communication with other road users
  • A range of road types and traffic conditions will be incorporated into the drive, with specific attention to any concerns raised by the trainee
  • Practical exercises in manoeuvring at low speeds/blind spots
  • The awareness programme WHAT IS THIS? IS IT AN ADDED EXTRA? will provide advice on increased safety for the employee, vehicle security, the reduction of wear and tear on the vehicle, techniques for improved fuel consumption and most importantly, the reduction in the risk of involvement in road accidents to a very low level
  • At the conclusion of the course, the driver and trainer will review the areas covered by the session. Where necessary, constructive feedback will be given to encourage positive development and a commitment to being a safer road user

A certificate confirming attendance will be issued to all drivers

 LGV Driver Awareness

Driving these vehicles is a huge responsibility. They pose a huge potential hazard to other road users when driven by inexperienced employees – and the vehicles will also carry your company’s name and logo and therefore must represent the company by being driven in a professional and appropriate manner. The course exists to develop defensive driving and manoeuvring skills and incorporates eco-friendly driving to limit environmental impact.

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