Defensive Driving Course

The aim of this course is to train drivers in a systematic approach to hazards and defensive driving techniques to minimise the risk in the driving environment.

We recommend a half-day seminar with a maximum of 20 delegates per presentation. Practical training follows, conducted at a 2:1 ratio with three sessions per day. This part of the training includes a driver’s licence check, driver’s eyesight test, provision of the daily vehicle checklist (P.O.W.D.E.R. – Petrol – Oil – Water – Damage – Electrics – Rubber) and vehicle condition report. We then progress to practical driving assessments. Delegates are given their individual driver development plan, followed by an identification of their risk rating and concluding with driver debrief.

Suitable for: Pharmaceutical, petrochemical & construction industries

What’s covered:

  • ‘Forward looking’ to maintain your safety and welfare
  • Why accidents happen
  • What is defensive driving?
  • Objectives to minimise accident and injury risk and damage to property
  • Company policy
  • Authorisation to drive
  • Company drivers
  • Vehicle usage regulation
  • Drivers hours
  • Daily vehicle checks
  • Vehicle accident procedures

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