Aims and Objectives

The aim of this training course is to provide drivers with a good understanding of the required procedures and regulations pertaining to towing vehicles.

A recent parliamentary act has laid down that firms must be seen to comply with the new Driving At Work Act (April 2008) as part of the Corporate Manslaughter Act – failure to do so could leave companies at risk of court action for death by negligence. Although there are no new duties as such, organisations must follow existing health and safety law or be exposed to prosecution. It is therefore of primary importance that anyone driving on behalf of their employer be apprised of all known rules and regulations and that licences are valid. 

Example of category B with a trailer weighing over 750 kg: Motor vehicle with an unladen weight of 1,500 kg and a maximum weight of 2,000 kg towing a fully loaded trailer with a weight of 1,500 kg – total weight 3500. 

Phase 1

This is aimed at those who hold and already drive and tow vehicles for their employer, a full day assessment and training of the perils of towing. This then covers your liability for Health & Safety purposes in the event of an accident.

Phase 2

Cars or light vans, with or without trailers

The term maximum authorised mass (MAM) means the total weight of the vehicle plus the maximum load it can carry safely.

Training Vehicles

All training will take place in customer vehicles. Insurance must cover Driving Academy Global instructors who as part of their task may be required to give short driving demonstration periods. 

Training Vehicles

Will be supplied for training


We are able to field a mixture of male and female instructors to locations throughout the UK. As well as the requirement to hold formal qualifications there is great emphasis placed on their ability to communicate with delegates at all levels. We must succeed in delivering information and advice that is practical, acceptable and usable.

Course Booking Procedure

Initial contact to organise individual courses can be booked by telephone or e-mail. Once dates are decided upon the course must be confirmed by the client to Driving Academy Global by e-mail. This constitutes a formal and recorded booking. Once this is completed a joining instruction will be emailed to the candidate(s).

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