The increased threat from terrorism as well as growing levels of organised crime across the world means that more people are now either directly or indirectly exposed to a wider range of risks both at home and abroad. This is a particular issue for the hundreds of British business executives, NGO workers and public sector employees travelling and working in less stable parts of the globe. Organisations that send employees into a potentially hostile environment have a duty of care to ensure that they are provided with adequate training and the necessary insurance, should the worst happen.

Suitable for: Those most likely to require hostile environment driver training are security professionals, government officials, corporate executives and their families. The range of driving ability varies from advanced official drivers to people who have recently passed their UK driving test but are being posted abroad. These courses will take levels of experience into consideration.

What’s covered:
– Instinctive driving techniques – vehicle dynamics and emergency driving skills
– Defensive driving skills – vehicle security and vehicle control systems
– Evasive driving, including escaping from an incident using a vehicle, hard reverse turns, surgical removal of other vehicles and forced ramming.
– Situation awareness training and close protection tactical driving.
– Hazard awareness and crash avoidance techniques.

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