Maximum security for passengers is vital. This course provides a thorough understanding of chauffeur driving and the additional skills necessary to keep passengers safe. Our trainers are specialists in this field and have extensive knowledge and experience both in civilian and military vehicles. Defensive and advanced driving form the core element, but a proactive and decisive driving style will be developed to deal with the ambush or compromise situation. This course can be adapted to cater for a ‘three driver team’ role / three-car convoy.

Suitable for: companies wanting to support their road risk strategy and promote good safety and welfare practices for those employees with a role of chauffeur, VIP transportation or security driving, and individuals who wish to provide a service of chauffeur, VIP transportation of security driving. Some previous basic experience of chauffeur or a security role is useful (vetting may be required).

What’s covered:

  • Theory session covering the principles of defensive and advanced driving
  • Pre-drive checks to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy
  • Vehicle tamper checks
  • Familiarisation with the vehicle functions
  • Practical coaching session to develop heightened perception skills and ‘system’ driving
  • Rapid reaction and adopting a strong driving style to ensure security and a safe exit from potentially compromising situations
  • Passenger security leaving and entering the vehicle
  • Skid and ABS training
  • On and off road driving
  • Individual assessment providing constructive advice and encouragement
  • Discussion of learning points and key areas for development
  • Debrief, assessment report and certificate

What you can expect:
Development of the understanding of the principles and skills of defensive and advanced driving
Development of extended observation, awareness, anticipation and planning skills
Understanding of how those skills into practice on public and non-public roads
How to ensure passenger comfort and security,

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